1. Go to and login or register a new account if you don't already have one.

2. Confirm your account via confirmation email that was sent to you and login.

3. Download OttPlayer
    on Windows PC:
    on Mac:
    on Android:
    on iOS:

4. Open OttPlayer app on your device and login with account you registered on

5. On the first run register the new device by entering any name, for example: tv1, winpc.

6. Go back to your account on , hover over your account name and choose 'Playlists'.

7. Enter any name for your new playlist, insert your m3u playlist link, and switch the last option to 'ON' for archive support.

8. Click 'SELECT' under devices, make sure your device is checked. Click OK and make sure your new playlist is created.

9. Go back to the app on your device, and select the playlist you created. You are now ready to watch.

10. Go to your playlists in and click on settings. Switch autoupdate to 'ON'.
You can also install OttPlayer on your other devices, and you will need to enable them here.