Note: Currently the latest stable release of Kodi v18 does not support archive for IPTV. If you want to use archive, you can try installing the nightly build of Kodi 19. It is still in development, but IPTV and archive seem to be working fine.

1. Go to https://kodi.tv/ and click 'Download' at the top.

2. Scroll down and choose your operating system.

3. After installation, open Kodi and on the left side click on 'Add-ons' and then choose 'Download'. Then on the right side click on 'PVR Clients'.

4. Find and click on "PRV IPTV Simple Client". Click 'Install'.

5. After install, click on "PRV IPTV Simple Client" again, and choose 'Configure'.

6. On 'General' tab, paste your kodi m3u playlist URL:

7. On 'EPG Settings' tab paste EPG URL into 'XMLTV URL' field, and click 'OK'.

8. Restart Kodi. Go to 'TV'.
    You are now ready to watch!